Dramatic profit improvement for your manufacturing business

The Factory of the Future (FoF) begins with FactoryMRI®

FactoryMRIReducing manufacturing-related costs while increasing profitability are important to your company. Have recent performance results been acceptable? No? Then Manuvis is the answer. We have helped companies generate 20-33% profit improvement annually. Let us show you how we can do this for your company.

Actionable information at your fingertips

Unlike backwards-looking resource planning systems, FactoryMRI® helps you focus ahead-putting you in complete control of your manufacturing operation. Its browser-based managerial dashboard helps you improve plant performance and uncover problems while you still have time to solve them.  View and update data for upstream and downstream manufacturing processes.

We are dedicated to your success

To ensure a successful implementation—and your company’s success—every FactoryMRI® solution includes application engineering and six-sigma black belt/lean manufacturing consulting services including: plant configuration/ modification, superior project management, training, custom reporting, and follow-up meetings.

Real-time intelligence you can use to improve your manufacturing operations

FactoryMRI® is a powerful Enterprise Resource Monitoring System that fully supplements your lean manufacturing/six sigma initiatives.  In order to improve something, you need to be able to see it. FactoryMRI® provides the level of unparalleled visibility that enables improvements and proactive decisions that create savings for a company.  See it — track it — improve it.